The Weird Reason Japanese Miyazaki Mangoes Cost $5000 Each

The world’s most expensive and exclusive mangoes are Japan’s Miyazaki Mangoes, from Miyazaki prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu. They can sell for as much as $5000! With their large size, rich red colour, and beautifully packaged in their own cushioned box, they’re certainly very impressive to look at.

But how could they possibly be so expensive?


Origins Of The Miyazaki Mango

Mango farming started relatively recently in Japan, starting in the mid-1980s. They originate from Irwin mangoes, which were imported from Florida to be cultivated in Japan’s warmer climates. The mangoes are grown on the island of Kyushu, in the south of Japan, which has ideal growing conditions for mangoes.

What makes Miyazaki Mangoes so special?

Growing criteria for Miyazaki mangoes is tightly controlled. Miyazaki mangoes are prized for being extra sweet and tasty, with strict quality control to ensure a 15% sugar content and a minimum weight of 350 grams, as well as a striking deep red colour. They have very strict growing conditions to achieve this.

Miyazaki Mango farm cute cartoon japanese farmer holding a mango in a greenhouse

Each individual mango is placed in a small net when they are small fruits, suspended from a wire that attaches them to the top of the greenhouse. Many other budding fruits are removed from the plant, to ensure those that do grow receive the most nutrients from the plant.

When the mango is fully ripe and at its sweetest, it falls from the plant naturally, landing in the net. Suspending the mangoes like this has another advantage – maximum sunlight hits the skin of the mango, giving them their distinctive uniform red colour.

Egg of the Sun Mangoes

The name given to Miyazaki mangoes are Taiyo no Tamago (Egg of the Sun) mangoes. These are the ones that fetch the astronomical headline-grabbing prices that makes this variety so famous. But what exactly makes these particular mangoes so astronomically expensive?

Simply put, buyers at the mango auctions usually bid on behalf of large distributers, such as supermarkets. And when a huge amount is bid for a mango, it’s almost like a bonus, or an incentive, to encourage the farmers to keep producing such great produce. Simple as that! The mango itself doesn’t even have magical properties!

Why would you pay so much for a Miyazaki Mango?

Most Taiyo no Tamago mangoes aren’t record-breakers, but they still sell for around $50 for a pair of mangoes. It sounds very expensive for fruit, but these mangoes are not usually purchased as a snack; they’re generally given as gifts to someone who appreciates their rarity and exclusiveness.

Think of them as a very fancy box of Godiva chocolates from a specialty chocolatier, compared to a cheap Mars Bar from the supermarket.

Buying Miyazaki Mangoes

When Japanese mangoes are harvested, they are shipped all throughout the country. They are harvested between April and August, but most sell during the peak of May and June.

Miyazaki mangoes can be purchased from fruit retailers in Japan, as well as online retailers. Some popular sites include retailers in Asia such as KG Fruits, and 888seasons.


The Taiyo no Tamago is an amazing fruit, with very strict growing conditions, that have such high levels of care that they almost warrant their hefty price tag. And the taste is very sweet and delicious! Next time you’re in Japan, keep a look our for these amazing mangoes in specialty fruit stores or gift shops!

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