Japan’s Urinal Video Games – The Weird World Of The Sega Toylet

Japan is known for its high-tech toilets, with electronic control panels, retractable bidets, heated seats, and sound effects to mask the user’s sounds. But the most unusual (and fun) invention so far is surely the urinal video game, controlled by the player’s urine stream! Called the Sega Toylet, they can sometimes be found installed in men’s bathrooms in train stations, restaurants, bars, pachinko parlours, and department stores. The game is played on a wall-mounted screen, which is connected to a pressure sensor on the urinal. These unusual games are a test of a player’s urine accuracy, pressure, and determination.

Drawing of a Japanese urinal with Sega Toylet video game
Sega Toylet on a Japanese urinal

The Sega Toylet systems were rolled out in 2012, with the idea behind the system to encourage bathroom users to be more accurate in public bathrooms, leaving the area in a cleaner state. In between games, ads are played on the screen of the system. According to Sega, players spend longer at each urinal, increasing exposure for products advertised on Toylet.

Sega Toylet Games

There are several mini games that the player can choose from, with each lasting no more than a minute. The game begins when a person approaches a urinal, with a sensor activating the start of the round.

Sega Toylet – Battle! Milk From The Nose

In this game, two battling characters with Elvis Presley-style pompadour haircuts face off in a fighting game battle area. They each take a drink of milk, and when the game begins, the player competes against the last person who used the urinal. The characters fight by spraying milk out of their nose, with the strength of the milk jet controlled by the stream of urine. Eventually, one player is blasted out of the ring by a torrent of nose milk. If you defeat the champion, then your character stays on for the next round!

Sega Toylet Battle! Milk From Nose

Sega Toylet – Mannekin Pis

Named after the famous statue in Brussels of a boy urinating, this game makes the statue pee as hard as the player can to fill up a barrel with liquid. As the pressure of the stream of urine changes, the little Mannequin Pis character can be seen looking very relieved, or straining and turning red.

Sega Toylet Mannekin Pis

Sega Toylet – Graffiti Eraser

In Graffiti Eraser, the idea is not to battle others, or pee as hard as you can, but to aim precisely. The player uses their urine to wash off graffiti from the bathroom walls.

Sega Toylet Graffiti Eraser

Sega Toylet – The Northern Wind The Sun And Me

The strangest game is probably The Northern Wind The Sun And Me. A young female news reporter in a white dress presents the weather outdoors, with a cameraman filming. The player then uses the force of the urine stream to increase the wind, which begins to blow the girl’s dress up. As the player’s urine stream gets stronger, the wind turns to a mighty gale, and the poor girl struggles to hang onto her short skirt, doubling over in fright. In the background, objects like bicycles and cows fly past in the hurricane-level winds.

Sega Toylet The Northern Wind The Sun And Me


Sega Toylet games are not very easy to find, but some train stations such as Akihabara, Soga and Ikebukuro stations are known to have the systems installed. There are a few scattered around in the Akihabara area, known for its tech, video game and pop culture culture. If you happen to find one of these weird and wonderful games, just remember to stay accurate, and enjoy the gaming experience!

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