Iceland's Iconinc Sweater, the Lopapeysa

If Iceland had a national garment, it would surely be the ubiquitous Icelandic sweater, or lopapeysa. Any visitor to Iceland will surely have noticed the rough wool sweaters, with their earthy tones and distinctive geometric designs radiating from the collar. They’re earthy, comfy, and are synonymous with Iceland. But what makes the lopapeysa so popular, … More Iceland's Iconinc Sweater, the Lopapeysa

How Coronavirus has Affected Tourism Hotspots

The tourism industry has been especially hard-hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. Tourists have effectively disappeared all around the world, as entire fleets of airlines are grounded, restaurants and bars shut doors, and mandatory self-isolation laws discourage anyone from leaving home. But what has happened to all those tourism hotspots, normally crowded with sightseers? While many … More How Coronavirus has Affected Tourism Hotspots

Exploring Taipei’s New Artistic Manhole Covers

Taipei has some very cool manhole covers on the streets and sidewalks. They’re subtle, but once you start noticing them, there are some really artistic designs. They’re not as widespread as Japan’s famous manhole cover artwork, but if you look closely you’ll find some interesting examples. Brand new Taipei manhole cover designs unveiled! Taipei began … More Exploring Taipei’s New Artistic Manhole Covers

The Ultimate Dutch Bicycle Guide

Anyone who has spent 5 minutes in a Dutch city knows that bicycles are the undisputed transport king in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is the perfect country for cycling. The landscapes are flat, cities and towns are close together, and there’s a stunning 35,000km (22,000 miles) of dedicated cycle lanes criss-crossing the country. And that doesn’t even include … More The Ultimate Dutch Bicycle Guide

The different types of travel bloggers

Travel bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. There are digital nomads and Instagram influencers, know-it-alls, adventure junkies, SEO wizards, and people who are just documenting a holiday. To keep track of all of this, I’ve made a list. Here are the main travel blogger archetypes that I’ve come across blogging, listening to travel podcasts, … More The different types of travel bloggers