Cadet Metro Station Paris – The American Flag Station

Cadet, a relatively quiet metro station in Paris has one of the most striking tile designs in the city. Located along the line 7 (pink line), Cadet has an enormous American flag tile design which covers the entire ceiling of the underground platform. It is also known for its beautiful Guimard-style metro station entrance, the cast-iron Art Nouveau entrances that gives some of the older Paris metro stations their characteristic style. Located in the 9th arrondissement, Cadet is a fun discovery to make for anyone passing through.

Cadet Metro station

Origin Of The Name Of Cadet Metro Station

Cadet was opened with the rest of the line 7 on the 5th of November, 1910 (exlcuding the Mairie d’Ivry branch, which was added in 1982). It is named after Rue Cadet, the main street which passes above, intersecting with Rue Lafayette. The street, previously named Rue de la Voirie, was named after two brothers of the Cadet family, Jacques Cadet and Jean Cadet, who worked as master gardeners in Paris since the reign of Charles IX in the 16th century. The Cadet family includes Cadet de Chambine, who served as the mayor of Montmorency during the Bourbon restoration.

In 2016, as part of an April Fool’s project by the RATP, Cadet was renamed Rousselle, a reference to Cadet Rousselle, a French bailiff and eccentric character who has a children’s song named after him.

The American Flag Of Cadet Metro

The American flag which gives Cadet its stunning interior look honours Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette, the French general who fought alongside the Americans during the American Revolutionary War. The flag features the 13 stars in a circle, making it a copy of the Betsy Ross Flag of the American Revolutionary War.

The flag is arranged by coloured tiles of red, white and blue, and the ‘Motte-style’ seats are arranged in alternating red, white and blue as well.

Usage And Nearby Features

According to a RATP estimate from 2016, Cadet served 3,289,639 passengers annually, placing it at position 161 out of 300 of the busiest metro stations at the time.

There are no major tourist sites nearby to Metro Cadet, but there are some notable landmarks in the Cadet area. There is the Grand Orient de France, one of the largest Masonic organisations in the country, and the oldest in Europe. There is also the Adas Yereim Synagogue and the Buffault Synagogue, as well as Montholon Square, a public park.


Cadet metro station is a mostly overlooked station on line 7. There are more tourist-friendly sights along this line, such as nearby Opéra and Chaussée d’Antin – La Fayette for shopping. However, for those looking to discover hidden secrets in Paris, and observe some of the Paris Metro’s best designs, then Cadet is a great place to take a look around.