Dutch Poffertjes: The Ultimate Market Street Food

Poffertjes are the ultimate Dutch street food snack. Sweet, fluffy, bite-sized pancakes, Poffertjes are commonly found at market stalls and food trucks all around the country. The best ones are made fresh to order, cooked individually on a specialised cast iron pan.

Dutch street food

Poffertjes are made from buckwheat flour, milk, eggs, yeast, butter, and a pinch of salt and sugar. They are usually served dusted with icing sugar, as well as other toppings such as chocolate syrup, strawberries, cream, even butter or Advocaat.

Often, they’re served on a paper plate, with toothpicks to enjoy them with. The perfect snack as you wander around a Dutch marketplace!

The name ‘poffertjes’ probably arises from the verb poffen, to pop, which is the noise that they make when air escapes during cooking. (Maybe in English they could be called poppers? – Just thought). Poffertjes are traditionally cooked on large pans with 100 wells, although many other variations exist.

Where to buy poffertjes

Poffertjes are commonly seen during special occasion markets. National holidays (such as King’s Day), the Christmas period, and summertime festivals are all great chances to find a poffertjes stall open for business.

But, you can easily find poffertjes year round. Some poffertjes stalls are open at weekly markets, like the stand at Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, or in the Saturday markets in Haarlem.

Supermarket poffertjes are available too. The batter is sold almost ready to go, and just needs eggs and milk before cooking at home. They just need to be fried on a poffertjes pan, and voila! They’re ready to eat at home.

Schets van het Nederlandse voedingssupermarkt poffertjes koopmans merk
Supermarket poffertjes. Just add eggs and milk!

Other similar treats to poffertjes

There are other local street foods around the world which are similar to poffertjes. Some are sweet, some are savoury, but it seems that the scalloped pan is a common theme. In Hong Kong, you won’t need to look far for a classic egg waffle, whilst Japan’s takoyaki is an octopus-filled variation, with a rich, savoury batter.


Poffertjes are one of the best local snacks that you can find in The Netherlands; sweet, fluffy mini-cakes that are ideal for sharing. Have you tried poffertjes in The Netherlands? Do you have a preferred Dutch snack? Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Dutch Poffertjes: The Ultimate Market Street Food

  1. I’ve been to the Netherlands more times than I can count and never even heard of these. Maybe it’s because I always end up feasting on homemade tiramisu that my husband’s cousin makes. Next time I’m there, I’m definitely gonna try them out. And I have to say – those drawing are absolutely stunning, are they yours? Aiva 😊

  2. Ohhhhh you are making me homesick, rieal poffertjes made to perfection in special pancake and poffertjes outlets are a delight for most Dutch, young and old. Ohhhhh my kingdom for a poffertje.

  3. In the Dutch shops you can buy special poffertjes pans to use at home on the gas stove. I also came across in Myamar a kind of poffertjes that were made in the same pan as at the Dutch home, only these were filled with a kind of cheese.

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