Dutch Poffertjes: The Ultimate Market Street Food

Poffertjes are the ultimate Dutch street food snack. Sweet, fluffy, bite-sized pancakes, Poffertjes are commonly found at market stalls and food trucks all around the country. The best ones are made fresh to order, cooked individually on a specialised cast iron pan. Dutch street food Poffertjes are made from buckwheat flour, milk, eggs, yeast, butter, … More Dutch Poffertjes: The Ultimate Market Street Food

London on foot

Well, it seems that for all these years I thought the London bridge was that famous twin towered attraction, but it was Tower Bridge I was thinking of! (So the song was about a different bridge falling down I guess…) Turns out the term applies to many bridges, and the medieval London bridge from the … More London on foot

Belgium for beginners

Belgium has famous neighbours. France to the south with its art galleries, cuisine and national scarf obsession, The Netherlands in the north, windmills, cheese and funny smelling  ‘coffee shops’, Germany to the east, where a sausage and a beer is a great meal.