Taking the Coronamaison Illustration Challenge

For illustrators under self-isolation, the hashtag #coronamaison came as the perfect cathartic creative release. French illustrator Pénélope Bagieu (@PenelopeB) launched the hashtag, calling for artists to draw their perfect self-isolation setup.

#coronamaison #coronahouse illustration of a family in lockdown

Naturally, I had I try one for myself!

The #coronamaison challenge is based on a simple empty room with a staircase. Besides the staircase, the rest is free reign! Some are digital and some are traditional, with fantastical elements or very lifelike. The artworks that people have come up with are awesome, and it’s well worth Googling to see how creative people got.

The blank template

Some are cosy scenes of a couple cuddling up with a blanket and Netflix, others show stressed out loners hoarding toilet paper or under a protective bubble, while some creative versions are rooms filled with cartoon dinosaurs or flying through space.

Of course, I had to throw my name into the ring as well, to see what I could come up with. My version is more rue to life. Melbourne is almost locked down, with many non-essential services closed. I’m still going to work, but full lockdown feels very close. I’ll be playing with my family, drawing, reading, playing video games and drinking lots of coffee!

So, please enjoy my #coronamaison (or perhaps #coronahouse) from the suburbs of Melbourne!

11 thoughts on “Taking the Coronamaison Illustration Challenge

  1. Hello in Melbourne,

    Love that cozy little scene. Here in Ottawa, 🇨🇦 We are very close to lockdown as well. Only essential services are remaining open however, what government deemed essential is a bit of a surprise…besides grocery stores and pharmacies, we have liquor stores and cannabis and hardware stores remaining open. Nonetheless, it is all a bit surreal as I take a very early morning walk and rush hour means three or four cars here and there…do stay safe. I have sent your blog posts to several of my friends who have enjoyed reading your take about places they have visited.

    1. Thanks! That sounds very similar to us. What is deemed essential and non-essential is very weird. Liquor stores are still open here too, because it seems to be a high priority for some! I work in a university, an essential service (for now), so my rush hour is completely quiet. Thanks very much for sharing my blog around! 🙂

  2. Hello ! I see we are both Sims and Pokemon fans ! ^^ Also, this is a very happy family portrait we have here, moments like this are important in this kind of times. See ya !

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