Tracking down the coloured rhinos in Sydney

Here we have the Eastern rainbow rhino. One of the rarest of rhino species; the eastern rainbow is only found on Australia’s east coast, where the sunny weather and ready availability to art supplies provides excellent spotting opportunities. The feet are locked on a plinth, an evolutionary trait differentiating this rhino from it’s relatives. This can tend to inhibit mating rituals, so the rhinos must be as conspicuous as possible to gain public attention. The males and females compete for the attention of the resident human population by displaying different colours and patterns. This is nature at it’s most exciting. A human stops, and clicks a photo with his pocket device. The job complete; the eastern rainbow rhino waits for his next human.


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The cost of living in Sydney

After a bowl of noodles for $2 and a few $1 bottles of beer in Thailand, you’d be forgiven if you suddenly shoot up from your tiny plastic chair, and declare loudly that you can live like a king at this price! One trip to an ATM in Ho Chi Minh City will fire out millions of Vietnam Dong that you can roll around in, like Scrooge McDuck in his money swimming pool (Yes, my brother Jeff and I actually did that). But Sydney is an entirely different beast…


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Putting together a partner visa (820/801)

We started off travelling care-free through Myanmar and photographing temples, and at the time we never thought we would one day have to face the fact that we were from two different countries!

But eventually, the time came. Cindy is French, and i’m Australian – complete opposite sides of the world! We needed some sort of permanent visa – enter the Partner visa (820/801) for permanent residency in Australia.

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How to deal with post travel blues

I can’t believe it’s actually finished and i’m home again. I really can’t. The last 14 months of travel just flew past in the blink of an eye, and the familiarity of people and places of home makes me feel like I’ve been gone a week or two. I had two birthdays overseas, that’s a weird thought. I’ve been with Cindy for over a year, and she’s just met my parents. Cindy is in Australia for the first time, and inbetween getting set up, I’ve tried to show her a bit of Australia.

It’s been a busy 2 weeks, and inbetween apartment hunting and car registering, we have been able to pat a kangaroo. There’s so much to do, so many people to see, so many things I want to show Cindy. Coming home from a world trip is hard work. I guess I could have spent a few weeks sleeping in and being unemployed, but Cindy and I are pretty proactive people. Next time, though, a decompression period would be nice.

Everything sorted itself out jaw-droppingly quickly. My new job (which I applied for, and interviewed for via Skype) was waiting for me after 2 weeks. But then we were approved for an apartment in Potts Point after just one day of inspections, a process I thought would take several weeks, even months. Internet, gas, water, groceries, all that stuff ticked off. Wow. Back to reality. Now everyday things that I was without for over a year, like having a phone, and arranging internet, are suddenly very stressful again.

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All blogs have to start somewhere

Welcome to my first blog post! Theres a buzz of activity at the house at Copacabana as Jeff is packing his backpack for his year of travel to Asia and Europe. Brenton’s loading up an ipod for his journey. My own flight to Kuala Lumpur leaves in less than 72 hours, and im dying to get going.

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