Jeeps of Mandalay

There are lots of Jeeps in Mandalay!


Smack in the middle of Myanmar is Mandalay, a large urban and economic centre in the country. And for some reason, the population of Jeeps suddenly exploded here – one of the coolest and quirkiest things about this place. And there seem to be hundreds and hundreds! The Jeeps are locally built – they aren’t, as I initially suspected, a relic from the second world war or some ex-military sell-off. They don’t build them anymore, so the ones left behind are becoming collector’s items. They come in all different colours, each one splattered with stickers and decals, making each one a unique find. A funny little facet of an already curious place.



In June/July 2012, Cindy and I had the privilege to explore Myanmar, a country whose doors to tourism were just beginning to creak open, allowing visitors to take a peek at some of the treasures inside. Myanmar blew me away as one of the most special countries i’d ever visited – I wrote about the country’s culture and spirit here.


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