The sad transformation of Ubud

As we approached Ubud by car, I thought about Eat, Pray, Love. Leafy jungle roads, sunshowers, a community village feel. That was the preconception of Ubud I had in my head when we travelled to inland Bali for a few days. So we got there, and…wait a minute, where are all the rice terrace farms?

Why are there so many Jeeps in Mandalay?

Anyone who visits Mandalay will surely notice the customised Jeeps driving everywhere. They’re quirky, they’re colourful, they’re customised, and they give the Mandalay a great sense of character. But it seems a bit out of place! Usually cars in South-East Asian cities are Japanese brands, not American army vehicles. And what’s even more interesting is … More Why are there so many Jeeps in Mandalay?