An update from Costa Rica

Where are Cindy and Derrick?

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post and I apologise!

Costa Rice wifi might be to blame…

Wi-fi has been patchy and a proper computer to load pictures has been difficult to track down. Our time in Costa Rica is drawing to a close, and in a few days we return to Montreal and to the madness of the snow.

But don’t worry – I’ve been writing.┬áThere is a small archive of posts eagerly waiting in line to post, complete with pictures of colourful parrots, mountain climbing and turquoise waters.

Expect all these in the coming days and weeks!

Cindy and I are glad to return to an apartment we’re subletting in Montreal, where the bathroom is not an optional extra, and hot water is guaranteed. After so long backpacking, the promise of mod-cons, comfort and working/job searching is leaving us foaming at the mouth.

Check back soon for the Costa Rica blogs!