The Different Types of Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. There are digital nomads and Instagram influencers, know-it-alls, adventure junkies, SEO wizards, and people who are just documenting a holiday. To keep track of all of this, I’ve made a list. Here are the main travel blogger archetypes that I’ve come across blogging, listening to travel podcasts, … More The Different Types of Travel Bloggers

A new blog is coming

Well, that’s it! I’ve finished publishing all my stories from my Africa travels in 2010. And just in time, too, because a new journey is just beginning, involving me leaving my home for a new life in Europe! And to accompany it, a complete revamp of my blog to incorporate my artwork is also coming. … More A new blog is coming

Getting distracted from blogging

So…i’ve been neglecting my blog. I’ve had a little bit of an unofficial blogging hiatus since November, because of many distractions from other projects that i’ve been working on. I finally placed myself in French language classes through the Alliance Francaise in Sydney (which, by the way, I wholeheartedly recommend for you would-be multilinguists).

Giving A Blog A Fresh Start

Keeping a travel blog running after the travel has finished can seem pointless, but, well…it’s not. Because of one main reason – I love to write. Travel experiences can be so rich, fascinating, or emotionally stirring, there is always something else to write about. 

What Can You Learn About A Country From Just Seeing The Airport?

International airport stopover. It could mean many things. A heart-thumping, sweat-dripping sprint for the gate as you and your travel buddies frantically scan the departures board, and yell directions at each other from across the terminal. A bleak, bleary, red-eyed sleep, curled up on a plastic chair like a newborn foetus, trying to block out assaults … More What Can You Learn About A Country From Just Seeing The Airport?