Iceland's Iconinc Sweater, the Lopapeysa

If Iceland had a national garment, it would surely be the ubiquitous Icelandic sweater, or lopapeysa. Any visitor to Iceland will surely have noticed the rough wool sweaters, with their earthy tones and distinctive geometric designs radiating from the collar. They’re earthy, comfy, and are synonymous with Iceland. But what makes the lopapeysa so popular, … More Iceland's Iconinc Sweater, the Lopapeysa

Iceland Ring Road – the ultimate 2 week road trip

Travelling to Iceland is a journey to some of the wildest, most breathtaking scenery in the world. It’s an arctic circle island where glaciers meet volcanoes, creating otherworldly landscapes. Geysers blast boiling water out of portals in the earth, glacier ice washes up on ink-black beaches, and rushing waterfalls fall off geometric columns of basalt. … More Iceland Ring Road – the ultimate 2 week road trip