Destination Europe

Quit the job, pack the bag, travel. It’s a pretty good summary of my 14-month round the world trip (even though these day’s it’s a bit cliché). What could be better, when you’re feeling stuck, bored at work, or aching for adventure.

And guess what – i’m doing it again.

Now before you argue that it’s a little bit irresponsible to throw another job away and hit the road and the unknown (especially now that i’ve just turned 28, and getting rather old), this time it’s a little different.

It’s just for 2 months and there’s actually a return plan! 

The job in question, a research scientist position, was a one year contract which just ended and I didn’t want to renew. I didn’t enjoy the job and I wanted to leave anyway.

We will have jobs ready to start when we return. This time we have savings, we have furniture, we just need to go apartment hunting, but the major bases are covered.

Our destination: Europe. 

Mostly, Paris, for a long overdue visit home, for some long overdue catchups. This trip is for home cooked meals of pho and raclette (a dish of melted cheese slices and charcuterie), and spending time with family. It’s a chance to order some rum cocktails with friends in Saint-Germain-des-prés, and tell stories about Australia and find out how Paris life has been going.

It’s train trips to see mates in Brittany, and weekends with more family in the Alps.

But wait! Adventure awaits. It’s in our blood and what brought us together when we first met in Sarawak. So we couldn’t resist taking the side trip to explore a country we’d always wanted to see – Iceland. I can’t wait to visit, and i’m going to write all about it for you to read!

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