Why Montreal might be even better in the winter

I’ve been seeing a few posts about Montreal’s never-ending winter this year on Facebook lately, and I got thinking about our time there last year. So, I’ve got some favourite winter photos from Montreal to share.

Montreal’s winter is a long and cold one, and the residents are well accustomed to hibernation. It gets frustrating, though, when the snow inexplicably continues well into spring.

You can go to sleep on a beautiful, warm spring night, and mysteriously wake up with every breath a frosty cloud, desperately making a hot coffee whilst wrapped in your bedspread, while the world outside is a blanket of white and rivers of brown slush.

That is, once you’ve taken off your wet shoes and socks, your coccyx stops aching from your ice fall, your cheeks have stopped burning from the wind, and your hands aren’t stinging and red from snowman-making.

Click for close-ups. Vive la neige!

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