Returning home after the big world trip

The flights are booked, and i’m finally coming home! I’ll be back home on the 27th June, arm in arm with Cindy, who’s excited to see Australia for the first time!

The journey took nearly 14 months. I passed through 16 countries (including Australia). I have been travelling always west and usually north, and the flight home (New York – San Francisco – Auckland – Sydney), will top off the journey with a complete circumnavigation of the globe.

Now that it’s the end, it seems like no time at all had passed. In the beginning I was counting the weeks away from home, then the months, but now it’s just a big blur.


I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my blog so far, to keep track of the places i’ve been that I haven’t been able to tell you about in person.

There are still a lot of stories and photos that have been unsaid, things you haven’t read about yet, like the time I overheard an English backpacker arguing with an angry Thai prostitute in the hotel room next to mine, our car crash in a Canadian snowstorm, the Cambodian motorcyclist who stopped to pick up a gigantic python slithering across the road.

Stuff I didn’t write because I couldn’t get to a computer, or because I didn’t find the time. I’m going to go back and type out the rest of it, slowly but surely (and a great way to have a written memory of my experiences!).


Being away for so long, and constantly moving so many times has become my lifestyle, and I find it difficult to remember what I can expect to come back to.

I’ve been trying to recall simple things, like how much a litre of milk would cost at Woolies, how long the train takes from Sydney to Chatswood, the names of streets, bars, restaurants, and what clothes I own that are packed away and I just flat out can’t remember!

I’ve read it’s common to feel post-travel blues after a long trip, but at the same time, there’s no place like home!


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