Exploring Reykjavik on foot (and learning how to pronounce it)

Although Reykjavik is technically a cold, remote small port city, it’s actually an exciting hub of art, design, cafe culture and historial treasures. Reykjavik is also home base for most people’s amazing adventures in Iceland. This small city is actually one of the most interesting cities in Europe, with a very unique character. The Hallgrímskirkja … More Exploring Reykjavik on foot (and learning how to pronounce it)

Seeing Hanoi on foot

The streets of Hanoi rumbled into life in the morning like a great machine coughing into life, intoxicatingly fragrant with noodle soup, vibrating with motorbike engines, horns, shouting, conical straw hats, fruit and Buddhist shrines, pulsing and pumping like a heartbeat.

London on foot

Well, it seems that for all these years I thought the London bridge was that famous twin towered attraction, but it was Tower Bridge I was thinking of! (So the song was about a different bridge falling down I guess…) Turns out the term applies to many bridges, and the medieval London bridge from the … More London on foot

People watching in Paris

If i’m feeling lazy on a particular Sunday in Australia, when I want bread from the shops but don’t feel like getting dressed, I’m going out anyway. I’ll wear thongs, pyjama pants and my favourite band T-shirt, that old one I’ve had since a teenager, with all the holes and stains, but still rocks.