Fun facts about Tokyo’s subway

In the subway tunnels under Tokyo, 1am – we sat on the carriage and watched a Japanese salaryman fast asleep and snoring, collapsed like a ragdoll, briefcase at his feet. We were delighted to observe a slice of Tokyo’s famous workaholic culture, so we invented for him a whole backstory…

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How to enjoy Nakameguro in the winter

A suburb of Tokyo with lazy canals, rows of cherry blossoms, quiet streets and old buildings? In my mind’s eye, I pictured a mini-Amsterdam in Japan! However – this was still the mighty concrete jungle of Tokyo, so what we actually found in Nakameguro were high-walled, concrete stormwater channels stained green from algae. But this was actually more beautiful than it sounds.

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A few little reasons that make you want to visit Japan

Japan was one of most wonderful destinations we had ever been to. I always imagined two sides of Japan –  the historical and traditional Japan of temples and geishas, against the hyper-modern cities, cartoons and robots.

In-between it all, there are so many tiny quirks and conveniences that are the cherry on top of an already alluring destination.

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