Lier, Belgium’s undiscovered medieval town

Lier is one of Belgium’s undiscovered gems. It is a historic town on the river Nete where little seems to have changed since the 13th century, and makes for a history and culture lover’s dream. Not one, but two UNESCO sites can be found in this tiny place. From the impressive Belfry to the brilliant … More Lier, Belgium’s undiscovered medieval town

Discovering small towns of Namibia

This was Namibia, the undefeated champion of the gravel road to nowhere. We had a great time driving along these straight, gravelly, hypnotising roads to nowhere, spotting funny little waystation cities along the way. Namibian highways The road to Keetmanshoop was a dead-straight line that pointed to the horizon. It was a mesmerising sight. After an hour (of what felt like … More Discovering small towns of Namibia