8 Very good reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka seems to have everything for the adventurous-minded. Amazing wildlife, lush mountain hikes, ancient ruins of past civilisations, colonial forts, cups of tea and relaxing beaches. But where to begin?

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How to survive a safari when you lose the map

There it was, the gate to Mikumi National Park – a real African safari! We weren’t sure if we wanted to go on a safari for two reasons; firstly because we’d already seen so many wild animals from the road, and secondly, because at $70 per person, it was by far the most expensive thing we’d done in Africa so far.

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Wildlife spotting in Chobe national park

Our headlights were illuminating the tall, wooden, arched gate. ‘Welcome to Chobe national park’. Through those gates were elephants. Further beyond that was the border to Zambia. But we were in a pickle; we could go no further. It was dusk and the park was closing. The game lodge we wanted to spend the night in was still about three hours away, and the guards wouldn’t let us drive at night. What’s more, there were no hotels for many hours back the other way.

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Parc Omega: an illustrated guide to a snow safari


In front of our car, a wild pig covered in black, wiry hair shuffled and snorted through the snow on the side of the road. We stopped and it waddled across the road, and looked up at Jeremy at the passenger seat. He threw it a carrot. Shapes were moving in the treeline – bigger animals were coming.

We brought a Chevrolet Grand Caravan, (a great big soccer-mum people mover) to Parc Omega, a wildlife reserve an hour and a half out of Montreal near the small town of Montebello. Like a safari for Canadian wildlife, Parc Omega allows you to use your own wheels, and drive around spotting wildlife within the park. It was unseasonably cold on this April day, with a relentless snowstorm that covered the world in a ceaseless blanket of snow. Cindy and I were joined by her brother Jeremy, his girlfriend Karine, and Cindy’s friends Elizabeth and Maleine, all visiting from Paris.

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