Zambia’s insane potholes: a survival guide

What are the roads like in Zambia? The short answer – shocking. The potholes are out of this world. They come in all shapes and sizes – miniature, jagged edge pockmarks; surprise road-width trenches that sneak up on you, corrugated fill-in jobs. Journeys in Zambia often take twice as long as predicted, and this challenging … More Zambia’s insane potholes: a survival guide

Discovering small towns of Namibia

This was Namibia, the undefeated champion of the gravel road to nowhere. We had a great time driving along these straight, gravelly, hypnotising roads to nowhere, spotting funny little waystation cities along the way. Namibian highways The road to Keetmanshoop was a dead-straight line that pointed to the horizon. It was a mesmerising sight. After an hour (of what felt like … More Discovering small towns of Namibia