Kyoto for first-timers

Don’t think of Kyoto as a high-rise supercity like Tokyo or Osaka. It has plenty of buildings, sure, but think of it as a place of culture, tradition, clothes, food, and vibrant colour. Temples, food, kimonos – all these things are celebrated in a city that has no fewer than 17 UNESCO World Heritage sights.

Seeing Hanoi on foot

The streets of Hanoi rumbled into life in the morning like a great machine coughing into life, intoxicatingly fragrant with noodle soup, vibrating with motorbike engines, horns, shouting, conical straw hats, fruit and Buddhist shrines, pulsing and pumping like a heartbeat.

London on foot

Well, it seems that for all these years I thought the London bridge was that famous twin towered attraction, but it was Tower Bridge I was thinking of! (So the song was about a different bridge falling down I guess…) Turns out the term applies to many bridges, and the medieval London bridge from the … More London on foot