Finding hidden mountains in Malawi

I want to start by talking about how absolutely amazing the African bottle recycling system is. My bottle of Fanta was noticeably worn down and re-used many many times. The label was faded and the glass had been ground down in certain places, by a million tiny scratches, a result of grinding against other bottles being shipped … More Finding hidden mountains in Malawi

Enjoying the company of lions on an African road trip

This African highway was never ending, and we had no chance of finding a place to sleep. The sun was setting and long, cool shadows were mingling with the last intense rays of a crimson golden hour. We had been driving down this gravel road all afternoon, and we were exhausted. The closest hotel was … More Enjoying the company of lions on an African road trip

Why I love Iceland

Wow. What a trip. We spent eleven tiring and exhilarating days up about as close to the Arctic Circle as I dare go – Iceland – a destination chosen simply because it seemed utterly different to anything we’d ever seen before. A country the size of South Korea, but with a scant 300,000 inhabitants (compared to Korea’s 50 million).