Inhassoro Beach – fishing, coral reefs and sandy beaches

In southern Mozambique, there is a quiet fishing port called Inhassoro, with a long sandy beach, seaside cabanas, and fresh seafood. Not far from Vilankulos and the Bazaruto Archipelago, Inhassoro is a quiet getaway for travellers in this part of the country.

Taking the ferry to Zanzibar

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania’s bustling capital, was a place I didn’t care to stay long in. The drive in was a gridlock of beeping horns and clouds of exhaust fumes. Trucks with colourful stickers and cabin decorations, battered cars with cracked windscreens and huge luxury 4WDs and black taxis.

Exploring the Okavango Delta by boat

The Okavango Delta is the synonymous with life southern Africa; A beautiful, unspoilt wetland ecosystem, slow waterways glimmering in the sun, alive with mangroves, insects and crocodiles, covering thousands of square kilometers. Pushing through the reeds slowly and spotting wilflife in a mokoro, a pole-driven canoe, is an unforgettable experience.

Sanur – the perfect Balinese relaxation town

Sanur is the perfect Balinese town to relax. It’s quiet, but has plenty of activities; it’s stylish, but not too expensive. Photogenic jukung fishing boats bob around in the calm waves, like rainbow water spiders. Crooked palm trees cast shade over an empty beach that leaves you wondering where all the people are. For those … More Sanur – the perfect Balinese relaxation town

Ha Long Bay – An Illustrated Visit To Vietnam’s Limestone Karsts

Jeff and I were sunbaking under the hot Vietnamese sun, passing a large plastic bottle of clear liquid around the deck of the boat. Inside was tonic, with a considerable amount of cheap gin, and we were sharing it with the other passengers to celebrate my 26th birthday. What better way to celebrate than to … More Ha Long Bay – An Illustrated Visit To Vietnam’s Limestone Karsts