Our experiences road tripping through Malawi

I had no idea what to expect from Malawi. It was just a last minute route change driving south from Tanzania that took us there. So, we decided to find the local beer first. 

We stopped at a roadside bottle shop. The guy behind the counter dressed rather like a cool dude; he wore sunglasses and dressed like a rapper, whilst rock music blared as he danced along behind the counter, and the store was decorated with posters of soccer players. We ordered a dozen of the local Malawian beers, called Kuche Kuche.

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Staying overnight in a tiny African village

Zambia was zooming past at great speed as we crossed it’s great arterial highway. Golden brown scrubland, dry skeletal trees, yellow-tinged earth, low rolling hills. Small villages clustered by the highway, clusters of tiny thatch huts with people and livestock standing around, sweeping leaves or carrying bales of wood. Tomato sellers and potters had stalls set up to sell to passers-by, their wares lined up in their hundreds alongside the tarmac.

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Taking the Go Go Juice challenge

We arrived in Maun, a long, sparse strip road of small, square brick shops, with more buildings continuing on into the bushland beyond. We stopped at a local butcher to buy some steaks. The butcher was a shack without a door; inside was a glass display counter piled high with cow hearts, another pile of enormous cow tongues, and some assorted steaks.

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