Strangers in Malawi

I had no idea what to expect from Malawi. It was just a last minute route change driving south from Tanzania that took us there. So, we decided to find the local beer first. We stopped at a roadside bottle shop. The guy behind the counter dressed rather like a cool dude; he wore sunglasses and … More Strangers in Malawi


The Songwe border crossing into Malawi was easy as pie (no paperwork issues, and no touts trying to earn money by guiding us through the border), and we made it through in a matter of minutes. The border guards reminded us to stick to the speed limit, so we did. The main road south was narrow and winding, … More Nali

Scooter death cycles

The three scooters parked in front of us looked rough. If we sat on them, I imagined we’d collapse into a clanging pile of rusted engine parts and bald rubber tyres. But Jeff and Wessel were wearing the biggest grins i’d ever seen.

Doors of Zanzibar

The city streets of Stone Town were calling. Zanzibar’s beautiful port city looked like a place frozen in time – many streets were so narrow that cars could not squeeze through, and they were rarely built in straight lines, making this city a veritable labyrinth.

How to get married in France (if you’re not French)

Whether it’s a destination wedding because you love France, or getting married abroad because you or your partner is French, getting married in France is an exciting prospect. I am Australian and my wife is French, so I will be focusing on how to organise your wedding from Australia. However, the French requirements are similar for most … More How to get married in France (if you’re not French)