Langkawi rice paddies

There was something strangely relaxing about the mosquitoes bouncing off my face with faint tic – tic sounds, as our motorbike spluttered between rice paddies on the Malaysian island of Langkawi. The rural scenery was beautiful, and at dusk, very quiet. The dessicated skins of snakes and frogs lay comically flattened on the road (the … More Langkawi rice paddies

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur took a few visits to win me over. For years, it was simply a transit hub to other destinations. Now, I think it’s one of the most fun, charming cities in South East Asia. There are many neighbouring cities which are arguably more attractive to visit – Ho Chi Minh City’s motorbike traffic is a wondrous … More Kuala Lumpur

A new blog is coming

Well, that’s it! I’ve finished publishing all my stories from my Africa travels in 2010. And just in time, too, because a new journey is just beginning, involving me leaving my home for a new life in Europe! And to accompany it, a complete revamp of my blog to incorporate my artwork is also coming. … More A new blog is coming

South Africa – the last few days

Our final African border crossing was the Lebombo/Komatiepoort border from southern Mozambique into the northeast corner of South Africa. Wessel was excited to put his feet on home soil. We all were; the trip so far had been weeks of relentless driving, from dawn to dusk some days. We wanted to put our feet up with a cold drink, do our washing, have a long shower, a … More South Africa – the last few days

The worst burger in Maputo

Our last stop in Mozambique was the capital, Maputo. The traffic was a long crawl, and we arrived in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Maputo mid-morning. We parked up near the central train station, a beautiful, classic building. It was domed and spacious, painted green and white rumoured to be designed by Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame (although, … More The worst burger in Maputo

Zombie cucumber

We entered Vilankulos around midday, one of the more popular tourist beach towns on the Mozambican coast. It was sunny and sandy, with lots of cars, lots of roundabouts and busy roadside markets. Vilankulos was bigger and more bohemian than Inhassaro, reminding me of a Mozambican Byron Bay. Cars with South African numberplates were everywhere, clearly a popular getaway for the South Africans. On the waterfront was the Zombie Cucumber, a backpackers … More Zombie cucumber

Man down

Wessel was complaining that he thought he had malaria. He felt feverish and nauseous. I said that that was highly unlikely; like all of us, he had been taking his daily Doxycycline, and we were in winter, not prime mosquito season. Besides, I imagined someone with malaria would probably feel significantly worse than Wessel. He had something … More Man down