Why I hated Kuta… (but Seminyak was OK)

Kuta, the party beach on the island of Bali, might be the worst place I’ve travelled to. Aggressive touts stalk people down the street, souvenir shops sell sexist and homophobic slurs on bumper stickers, and Balinese culture as a whole has been twisted into a sleazy, cheap, tourist-pleasing circus.

The sad transformation of Ubud

As we approached Ubud by car, I thought about Eat, Pray, Love. Leafy jungle roads, sunshowers, a community village feel. That was the preconception of Ubud I had in my head when we travelled to inland Bali for a few days. So we got there, and…wait a minute, where are all the rice terrace farms?

Sanur – the perfect Balinese relaxation town

Sanur is the perfect Balinese town to relax. It’s quiet, but has plenty of activities; it’s stylish, but not too expensive. Photogenic jukung fishing boats bob around in the calm waves, like rainbow water spiders. Crooked palm trees cast shade over an empty beach that leaves you wondering where all the people are. For those … More Sanur – the perfect Balinese relaxation town

Giving A Blog A Fresh Start

Keeping a travel blog running after the travel has finished can seem pointless, but, well…it’s not. Because of one main reason – I love to write. Travel experiences can be so rich, fascinating, or emotionally stirring, there is always something else to write about.