How to make it through a crazy African road border

It only took us about four days to pass through Zambia. What was originally just a transit through ended up being awesome fun.

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Zambia’s insane potholes: a survival guide

What are the roads like in Zambia? The short answer – terrible. And it’s the potholes that do it. They come in all shapes and sizes – miniature, jagged edge pockmarks; surprise road-width trenches that sneak up on you, corrugated fill-in jobs. Driving on a Zambia highway is therefore absolutely unpredictable.

Here is a guide to some of the most terrifying potholes in Zambia you should watch out for.

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Staying overnight in a tiny African village

Zambia was zooming past at great speed as we crossed it’s great arterial highway. Golden brown scrubland, dry skeletal trees, yellow-tinged earth, low rolling hills. Small villages clustered by the highway, clusters of tiny thatch huts with people and livestock standing around, sweeping leaves or carrying bales of wood. Tomato sellers and potters had stalls set up to sell to passers-by, their wares lined up in their hundreds alongside the tarmac.

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