Finding hidden mountaims in Malawi

I want to start by talking about how absolutely amazing the African bottle recycling system is.

My bottle of Fanta was noticeably worn down and re-used many many times. The label was faded and the glass had been ground down in certain places, by a million tiny scratches, a result of grinding against other bottles being shipped around in boxes for many years.

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Our experiences road tripping through Malawi

I had no idea what to expect from Malawi. It was just a last minute route change driving south from Tanzania that took us there. So, we decided to find the local beer first. 

We stopped at a roadside bottle shop. The guy behind the counter dressed rather like a cool dude; he wore sunglasses and dressed like a rapper, whilst rock music blared as he danced along behind the counter, and the store was decorated with posters of soccer players. We ordered a dozen of the local Malawian beers, called Kuche Kuche.

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