Goodbye Sydney, hello Malaysia!


Well, it’s official! We’ve left Australia and we’re headed towards The Netherlands where new jobs and wintery European lives await! We packed up all our belongings in big boxes and posted them overseas, and carried as much as we could in our suitcases. But first, what better chance to take a trip to Asia, and to countries we’ve been dying to visit for a long time. We have 5 weeks between leaving Australia and arriving in Amsterdam, and we’re spending a week in Malaysia, followed by a month in Japan.
This is my first illustrated blog post, and many more will follow (not in real time), because they take time to draw, especially on the road (and even longer to correct on editing software!). So this is a draft of sorts, but I hope you enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Sydney, hello Malaysia!

  1. Was it easy to find work in Holland? My husband and I are there now and would love to find a way to live here. I was born in Holland but am an Australian citizen (so no EU passport possible)

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