The 365 day selfie project

You might have noticed if you read my blog from time to time that I take photos of myself. Ive been doing them every single day for a year, and they look like this…


And this…


And this.


The first time Cindy caught me taking one such picture, she thought I was weird, or vain, or bored. But actually it’s part of a project I started way back in May, in Malaysia, on one of my first days travelling. I take a portrait of myself every day, each one with a different background, and I’ve been doing this religiously for over 10 months.

Yep, every single day nearly a year.

When I get home I’m going to compile them all into a fast sideshow, set it to music, and watch the countries tick past, my clothes become warmer, my skin tanning and fading, and beards come and go.


Cindy and Jeff of course, couldn’t resist photo bombing in the background from time to time…


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